Waco Cultural Arts ~ WordFest 2013

Remember that two-day Poetry & Literary festival I mentioned in my post about detours and New Beginning Chili?  I am thrilled to share with you some highlights from the weekend.  This year, the Waco Cultural Arts Festival celebrated its 10th Anniversary and for the first time, the WordFest  offered an exciting variety of events over two days.  Our goal was to offer three components to festival attendees: to hear from a variety of authors about their work and process, to practice writing and be challenged in their creative process, to share/perform out loud.

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, WordFest participants enjoyed panel discussions by Sci-Fi & Fantasy authors: Bryan Gifford, Alexis Glynn Latner, and Patrice Sarath…

Waco Cultural Arts – WordFest 2013 ~ Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors Panel Discussion facilitated by Gary Lee Webb

Blog authors: Jo Robertson, Larry Kinard, Brenda Griffey, and Dominik Young…

Waco Cultural Arts – WordFest 2013 Blog Authors Panel discussion facilitated by Sandi Horton  

and Poets: Anne McCrady, Cassy Burleson, Jenuine Poetess, and Michael Guinn

Waco Cultural Arts - WordFest 2013 ~ Poetry Panel Discussion facilitated by Sandi Horton

Waco Cultural Arts – WordFest 2013 ~ Poetry Panel Discussion facilitated by Sandi Horton

Author Tony Castro, a Waco native, also gave a solo reading during Saturday’s program:

Waco native, Tony Castro; WordFest 2013 Author Reading

Waco native, Tony Castro; WordFest 2013 Author Reading

The 2013 WordFest also offered three workshops to indulge the second component of practicing the written arts.  Workshops included Slam Poetry, by Michael Guinn; In the Words of Womyn, by Jenuine Poetess–the In the Words of Womyn ~ Heart of Texas writing circle meets weekly at the Croft Art Gallery located at 712 Austin Avenue, Waco, Texas…

WordFest 2013 - HOT~ITWOW Womyn's Writing Circle Workshop

WordFest 2013 – HOT~ITWOW Womyn’s Writing Circle Workshop

…and the 100Thousand Artists for Change writing workshop which was held on Sunday September 29, 2013.  Participants wrote about various aspects of change–from the intimate to the public, changing self and transforming community.  A rich discussion was had about the role of writers, poets, and artists in movements toward change.

WordFest 2013 - 100Thousand Artists for Change

WordFest 2013 – 100Thousand Artists for Change Writing Workshop

The third component of the 2013 WordFest, sharing writings aloud through spoken-word performance, was manifest in three opportunities: the 10th Annual Poetry Slam, the 1st Annual Womyn’s Open Mic Reading, and Waco’s 1st Annual 100Thousand Artists for Change Open Mic.

Wisconsin Poet, Marcie Eanes performing at the Womyn's Reading

Wisconsin Poet, Marcie Eanes performing at the Womyn’s Reading


100Thousand Artists for Change Open Mic 2013

100Thousand Artists for Change Open Mic 2013

And we topped off an excellent weekend with a feature performance at The Word Gallery Open Mic on Monday evening September 30, 2013 by poet, Marcie Eanes who traveled from Wisconsin to read and share from her newest publication, Passion’s Zest.

Word Gallery Open Mic features Marcie Eanes ~ September 30, 2013

Word Gallery Open Mic features Marcie Eanes ~ September 30, 2013

Despite wild thunderstorms, for which Texas is infamous, WordFest 2013 was a delightful and inspiring event.  Writers from Waco, Temple, Belton, Tyler, San Antonio, West, Dallas, Fort Worth, and as far as Racine, Wisconsin traveled to take in the panels, workshops, performances, and open mics.

I witness individuals pick up a pen and write after decades of hiatus, those who said they always wanted to write but never did discovered the sounds of their own voices, a woman who has never shared anything aloud in her life got up in front of an entire festival and shared powerful poetry, a Central Texas city joined a global movement for Change, a community joined together to co-create, to be challenged, to listen, to speak, to write, and be inspired…in my world, this is success!  I can’t wait to do it all over next year with a few more exciting components!

Watch out, Waco is staking its claim on the map of Poetry & Literary Festivals!

Write on :)


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Detours and Other things

So, turns out that overhauling one’s entire food/eating lifestyle around the same time as moving to a new home-space, navigating a major life transition (from full-time auntmom back to single, independent, Mav), and co-chairing a two-day Poetry & Literature festival kind of sets the stage for some inevitable set-backs.

Confession: after a faithful 6-weeks on a diet designed to reduce the presence of and effects of candida, I took a detour for…well…several months.  I beat myself up about it for a while, and then decided that was utterly useless, so I began to practice compassion toward myself.  I reminded myself that every moment is a new opportunity to begin something different.

Also, I’ve learned about myself that sometimes I need a little leeway to rebel against certain parameters…until of course, I come completely on board with a new idea or practice.  Since my wandering dietary ways as of late, I have experienced the return of all the symptoms that had since vacated.  So I found myself telling myself, “Okay, okay…you win, I’m tired [again] of feeling like crap.”

Which brings us to now: my return to my commitment to clean, healthful, wellness-promoting eating.

It won’t be easy [again] but I’m convinced [again] that the immediate sacrifice of those foods which I think taste delicious and which seem satisfying are really insignificant compared to the alternative of sacrificing my health and thriving.

So, to celebrate Autumn and the fresh change it brings and to celebrate my recommitment to a thriving life-style, I present to you my new recipe for New Beginnings Chili :)

3 lb – natural (hormone/antibiotic-free) grass-fed ground beef
2 cans – sliced black olives
2 calabasas – coarsely chopped (you may use zucchini and/or yellow squash as well)
1.5 jars – organic tomato puree (tomatoes and salt only, no citric acid)
1 orange sweet pepper – coarsely chopped
1 habanero pepper – minced (of course, choice of heat is up to you–jalapeno and serrano are also great chilis)
1 large onion – chopped
4 cloves garlic – minced
ground black pepper
sea salt
onion powder
garlic powder
organic butter


  • Mix salt, pepper, and spices into ground beef and let set
  • Sauteé onions, garlic, habanero, and butter along with spices & seasonings until lightly browned
  • Add seasoned ground beef and brown
  • While beef is cooking, pour tomato puree into crockpot and add orange pepper black olives and spices
  • When beef is browned, pour into crockpot and simmer on low heat
  • After simmering for several hours, add calabasas/zucchini at end (this will easily overcook so add it just at the end)
  • Adjust salt and spices to taste
  • Serve with avocado and sprig of cilantro

New Beginnings Chili - Mav's Kitchen


Part of the richness of traditional chili is the myriad of textures within each bite.  With foods like beans and corn off the list for the candida diet, I wanted to try to capture some of that with this recipe.  I was concerned that with just meat and sauce, it would seem just like chili-flavored spaghetti sauce.  So far, after a few test bites, I’ve enjoyed the diversity of textures of the ingredients I added.  You know how I hate putting limits on any form of creative expression–culinary or otherwise–so play with it, add your own favorite veggies and textures and share with us what you enjoyed!

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Candida Disclaimer

I thought it important to not that I am not a medical health practitioner, I do not have any training or authority to make suggestions to anyone about their diet/life-style.  This blog and it’s various posts about Candida Yeast Overgrowth are not meant to be diagnostic or seen as a treatment regimen for anyone other than myself.  What I am offering is a candid discussion about my introduction to, process about, and journey through healing from a systemic Candida Yeast Overgrowth.  If you suspect you may be experiencing CYO symptoms, please consult your physician or health and wellness practitioner.

Okay, that is all the official business…let’s get back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans shall we? ;)

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If it feels worse, then I’m getting better!

Supplements, vitamins, cleanses, and a few other things ensure that I get all the good things I need and that get rid of all that I don’t need.

One of the aspects of beginning a Candida Life Style is that the existing candida in my body will be killed off because I am essentially starving it.  That die-off process has various side-effects that are not so awesome.  This is the feeling worse before I feel better even though the feeling worse is a great sign that I’m actually healing!  Yay!

So some of the supplements help to alleviate the symptoms of die-off which can include flu-like symptoms (achy muscles & joints, feverish, lethargy, and other not-at-all pleasant things).  They also work to heal the parts of my body that were attacked by the out-of-control candida.  I’ve listed below what I am taking but please note that this collection of supplements, vitamins, and cleanse was designed specifically for me and the particular Candida Overgrowth symptoms I have.  Please consult your health care provider for your custom-designed supplement regimen.


· ParaCleanse: use for 30 days (only at the start of Candida Life Style) to jump-start detox and candida die-off


· Pro-biotic–Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra: replaces good bacteria in the gut and boosts immune system
· Garden of Life Women’s Vitamins: general goodness
· Kelp: among other things, a calcium supplement
· Olive Leaf Extract: boosts immune system and lowers blood sugar levels
· Milk Thistle: this helps to strengthen the liver cells especially protecting it from all the toxins released in Die-Off.
· Vitamin C: restores your adrenal function and helps to boost your immune system
· Extra Virgin Olive Oil **capsule**: reduces cholesterol; good fatty acid
· Pau d’Arco tea: anti-fungal that kills off excess candida
–can be mixed with Celestial Seasonings teas as listed above

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So…what CAN you eat?

Great question!

There are a host of branded Candida Diets out there; below is what I will be following.

Veggies: (clean, organic, non-chemically)
· Artichokes
· Asparagus
· Avocado
· Beet greens
· Broccoli
· Brussel sprouts
· Cabbage
· Cauliflower
· Celery
· Collard greens
· Eggplant
· Endive
· Garlic
· Green beans
· Kale
· Kim chi
· Leeks
· Lettuce
· Okra
· Olives (just not in white vinegar)
· Onions
· Radish
· Rutabaga
· Sauerkraut (raw)
· Seaweed
· Snow pea pods
· Summer (yellow) squash
· Tomato
· Turnip
· Zucchini

Meats: (antibiotic & hormone free, free range, grass-fed, organic)
· Beef
· Chicken (I order chickens through a co-op organized by Ms. Theresa; the chickens come from Fran’s Fryers. I need to figure out a good place for beef and turkey)
· Lamb
· Turkey
· Wild game
· Eggs (I get these through Ms. Theresa’s local organic farm contacts or at the farmer’s market…mmmmm So yummy!)

· Coconut flour
· Almond meal/flour

Fish: (wild caught; for tuna, only Starkist Gourmet in water; fish only 2x/week)
· Wild caugh tilapia
· Sockeye salmon
· Wild caught tuna

Nuts & Seeds: (can spray diluted grapefruit seed extract on nuts to remove mold; consume in small quantities)
· Almonds
· Almond milk (unsweetened)
· Coconut cream (use only Native Forest Organic–it has a special lining in the can that does not interact chemically with the coconut cream like other canned products do)
· Coconut milk (unsweetened)
· Flax seed
· Hazelnuts
· Hemp seeds
· Macadamia nuts
· Pecans
· Pine seeds
· Pumpkin seeds
· Sunflower seeds
· Walnuts

Oils & Fats: (use cold pressed oils)
· Virgin Coconut oil
· Olive oil
· Sesame oil
· Pumpkin seed oil
· Macadamia nut oil
· Almond oil
· Flax oil
· Safflower oil
· Sunflower oil
· Coconut butter
· Ghee
· Organic butter

· Stevia (in glycerine, not alcohol)
· Xylitol (mints and gum)

Herbs & Spices:
· Apple cider vinegar (organic, raw, unfiltered)
· Basil
· Black pepper
· Cayenne
· Cilantro
· Cinnamon
· Cloves
· Coconut aminos (alternative to soy sauce)
· Cumin
· Curry
· Dill
· Garlic
· Ginger
· Lemon/Lime juice
· Mustard powder
· Nutmeg
· Oregano
· Paprika
· Sea salt
· Rosemary
· Tarragon
· Thyme
· Turmeric

· Pau d’Arco
· Chamomile
· Peppermint
· Parsley
· Chicory root tea
· Lemon ginger zinger
· Lemongrass tea
· Licorice tea
· Clove tea
· Cinnamon tea

No sugars (including fruits), no grains, no dairy (except eggs), no alcohol, no starches (including beans, legumes, and soy), and no caffeine.

Candida Diet: Chicken soup with baby kale and zucchiniAbove is an example of a quick meal I made to take for lunch.  I had prepared one of Fran’s Fryer chickens (about the size of a store-bought rotisserie chicken) in my cast-iron dutch oven by stuffing it with an onion, several cloves of garlic, sage, rosemary, and thyme, salt and pepper.  I deboned the chicken and poured the juices into my storage container so that whenever I took some chicken out, there was already some stock with it.  For quick lunches I’d just take out a serving of chicken, throw some baby kale and assorted veggies, this one has zucchini, add a bit of water and seasonings and tah-dah!  Easy fresh chicken soup; tastey and satisfying.

Another meal I made was wild caught sockeye salmon with a veggie medley including: fresh tomato puree, yellow squash, zucchini, asparagus, and fresh spinach sauteed with onions and garlic.  Mmmmmmm :)

Candida Diet: Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon with Veggie medley 6-6-2013

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Deprivation vs. Wellness ~ A shift in cognitions

I’m now five days into my Candida Life Style (I use “life style” instead of “diet” on purpose…as this post will explore) and it is a mixture of easy and challenging.  Hey!  Just like the rest of life huh?

I have successfully declined chocolate on three different occasions this week.  This may quite possibly be the first time in my entire life that I have turned down chocolate.  It’s a big deal, folks, BIG.  Of course I’ve had cravings–I guess one great thing about not watching TV is not being exposed to pictures of gooey melty cheesy pizza, or cool creamy ice cream–but every time I think about having just a taste of something “off diet” I think about how that will feed the Candida and set my recovery back.  So in some ways, the “saying no” is easy.

For me it is all about the cognitive process: I know the effects sugars, grains, dairy, and the like will have on my body and because I’ve reached my ENOUGH point, I’m ready to chose wellness over immediate satisfaction of a sugar craving.  I just daydream about actually enjoying going out dancing or biking or swimming or hiking and that, my friends, is far sweeter to me than any dessert will ever be!

The challenging aspect is really about meal and snack planning as well as preparing for my days.  I work so I have at least one meal and several snack times outside of the home.  Eating only meat, veggies, and eggs makes for some pretty creative meal planning.  I’ve been running around like crazy so this week snacks have consisted of almonds, celery, and hard-boiled eggs.  I am excited to get myself better prepared to have more tastey and diverse options.

As with most other things I am practicing, I am remembering to be compassionate and kind with myself.  All of this is so new–thinking, eating, and thriving.  It’s going to take time to get the rhythm and do it well without awkward meal concoctions and mistaken consumptions.

I decided to give myself June as a month to transition.  By that I mean, I am eating only what is allowed on a Candida Life Style (diet) but it is not all necessarily organic, clean, free range etc.  I buy that as I can, but I am also still living with family and helping care for my nieces and nephew so the logistics of my reality make it too challenging to go full on organic.  This is where compassion comes in allowing myself to be present with where I am and not demanding any more than is possible.  I think it’s huge enough that I’ve gone five whole days without any sugar :)

For me, this is not a diet, not a phase, not a mere season of life.  I have undertaken a major shift in life style.  It means no more eating out really.  It means speaking up about my food needs and not feeling like I am some annoying imposition on everyone around me.  It means that I may not ever have a slice of pizza or cake again.  And it also means that I am investing, long term, in my whole self wellbeing; that I get to set an example for my nieces and nephew–shoot, that I get to have the energy to run and jump and play with them throughout their lives; that I get to be well and healthy for me.  Sure, I’ll lose a bunch of weight but for me, the motivation is in health, not in dress size.  Well, mostly…there is that one smokin’ hot red dancing dress in the back of my closet ;)

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Baseline: the ugly truth

I’ve decided to publish here my pre-Candida intervention stats.  Whew…the picture ain’t pretty!  (For all our sakes, I will only publish a word-picture here of my baseline state).  My goal is to check in with these stats monthly and will try to share, as I can, my results.  I look forward to some drastic changes in the information below in the months to come! :)


Age: 34
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 275lb

Symptoms: I will list here all the symptoms I currently have along with (in parenthesis) how long I have been experiencing them–if I can remember.  These symptoms come from a self-evaluation I found here.  Experiencing 10 or more “indicates strong pattern and almost certain Candida Overgrowth diagnosis.”  I have at least 30.

GI/Digestive Problems:

  • Gas/Bloating (3 years; though symptom dissipated when I stopped eating gluten in May 2012)
  • Indigestion (3 years; though symptom dissipated when I stopped eating gluten in May 2012)
  • Diarrhea (3 years; though symptom dissipated when I stopped eating gluten in May 2012)
  • Intestinal Pain (3 years; though symptom dissipated when I stopped eating gluten in May 2012)
  • Food/sugar cravings
  • Allergies (air or food–air/pollen for 10+ years)
  • Food Sensitivities (gluten known for 1 year, most likely for over 10 years)
  • Heartburn / GERD (8+years)
  • Dry mouth
  • Receding Gums (10+ years)
  • IBS (10+ years)


  • Depression (10+ years)
  • Irritability (5 years)
  • Stress (8+ years)
  • Dizziness (1+ years)
  • Mental Fogginess (difficulty retrieving information–4 years)
  • Poor Memory (not quite as sharp, unable to access memories like I used to–10+ years)
  • Headaches (6+ years)

Skin & Joint Problems:

  • Acne, skin rash, or hives (3+ years)
  • Dry Skin & Itching (5 years)
  • Muscle Aches (8+ years)
  • Numbness (3 years)
  • Joint Pain (5 years)


  • Hormone Imbalance (4 years)
  • PMS symptoms (increased severity & irregular cycle–5+ years)
  • UTI/Bladder infections (5+ years)

Immune System:

  • Lethargic lack of energy (5+ years)
  • Asthma/Hay Fever (15+ years)
  • Frequent colds & flu (10 years)
  • Respiratory Problems (15+ years)
  • Post nasal drip
  • Sinusitis (8+ years)
  • Overweight (5 years)
  • Failing Adrenal System



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Candidly Candida

If someone asked me two months ago, “What is candida?” I wouldn’t have had a clue although it’s a pretty enough sounding word. Today I am no longer ignorant and my familiarity with this little beastie is growing daily.

This blog has gone through various metamorphoses throughout its lifetime. I always thought that rather than start a new blog each time I start a new chapter in life, I’d just change directions here. So today, I start a candid conversation about candida. Yesterday I was beginning to regale my adventures of becoming a full time auntmom to my sister’s three precious littles, months earlier I was posting my favorite recipe remixes, and in the early years I was grappling with everything from God to guys. These are all glimpses of me, where I’ve been and where I am ever striving.

The only constant about me, is that I am ever becoming my true self.

If you’re interested in learning about what the heck is this candida thing anyway, stick around, pull up a chair…you’re always welcome to hang out on this front porch :)

Being Introduced to Candida

One not-so-fine mid April day I had had more than enough of some shoulder/neck pain which persisted well over 24 hours and would not relent no matter what modest interventions of ice, heat, and ibuprophen I attempted. With muscle tension turned migraine, I decided it was time to call a professional to help the situation. Being relatively new in town (which is now Waco, Texas for those who’ve been following my sojourn) I looked up a few area massage therapist and quickly browsed a few reviews. I found one woman, Theresa Surley, whose practice is called, House of Healing; I figured that was exactly what I needed and after reading several rave reviews, I called crossing my fingers she’d have an opening that afternoon.

She did!

My massage that day changed my life. It was the most educational and not-so-relaxing massage I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Theresa has amazingly healing hands and worked my sad, aching body into a state of relief. While I was, to be quite honest, a bit annoyed by all that I learned about my body that day, as I reflected on the information given to me I began to consider one of the most life-altering changes I’ve ever undertaken.

This is coming from the same woman who gave up gluten just one year ago.

G L U T E N. Yeah. Remember me, super passionate baker girl? Giving up flour and all other things bakey.

This new feat is even bigger than that.

“What could be bigger than giving up things like bread, pasta, and baked goods?” You ask? How about cutting out everything but clean, organic, free-range, non-antibiotic, chicken, beef, and veggies (and only the non-sugary veggies)?


I told you. It’s intense.

You see, what I learned from Ms. Theresa, is that I have what is called a Candida Yeast Overgrowth. Blech. That sounds awkward and like something you don’t discuss in public, Mav. Okay, okay, you’re right. But bear with me, because as I am learning, this is really super important…and incredibly common. So it just might matter to you. Personally.

In a nutshell: candida yeast comes standard in all makes and models of humans. It’s part of the good bacteria our body uses to get stuff done internally. Unfortunately there are certain occasions in which food, medicines, stressors, and circumstances all malfunction just so perfectly creating a prime habitat for candida to grow out of control and wreak all sorts of havoc on various systems around our bodies. The symptoms of Candida Overgrowth are pretty vast and often go undiagnosed because—no offense Western Medicine, but you often do fall short in this area—many Western physicians are not in the practice of examining whole body systems and are instead more apt to settle on the most simplified symptom-addressing answer.

For years…Y E A R S I have had a series of one random, seemingly isolated, weird ailment or symptom after another. I was starting to think I was some kind of hypochondriac because every time I’d go to the doctor, list my symptoms, get various tests done, I’d be told the same thing: lose weight, reduce stress, and sleep more.

Thanks. So helpful. Isn’t that something all of us could practice?

Yet the weird rashes, aches, pains, tingling, numbness, respiratory, and GI problems persisted. Not to mention that super frustrating bouts of dizziness and periodic blurred vision in my left eye.

So when Ms. Theresa started telling me about Candida Overgrowth and listing all the symptoms while I said, “check” after almost every one, the puzzle seemed complete. My relief about possibly, finally having an answer to years of weird and mysterious body problems far far outweighed any grief I felt about my impending radical diet and life-style change.

I told Ms. Theresa I’d give myself until the end of May to enjoy a “Farewell to Food Tour” of all my favorite eats. I explained that my birthday is at the end of May and I definitely planned on having cake and ice cream, especially if it would be my last taste of either… probably for forever.

At first, I rebelled against the notion of such a drastic dietary and life style shift. I never wanted to be that weird food person who could never gather for a simple meal with friends or who always had to bring her own thing to the potluck. I never wanted to offend others with my limited diet restrictions. I H A T E the idea of ever putting anyone out of their way and inconveniencing them. And my affinity for chocolate and ice cream is more than a passing school-girl crush.

But as I reflected on the new information I was absorbing about this thing called Candida and how it was devastating my body, I decided it was time to change my unhealthy and abusive relationship with food, once and for all. I decided it was time to take back my body; to stage a coups and fight off the rogue candida threatening my very thriving. It is time to enjoy being, physically. To dance and run and bike and swim and play. I’m done with being and feeling so old when I am on the early side of my mid-thirties.

So, be warned Candida, I’m comin’ for you. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

I know my body will hurt and go through withdrawals—especially from sugar. I understand as the candida dies off it’s a pretty rugged road with many flu-like symptoms. There are supplements and teas I will be taking to assist several areas: probiotics—to promote the repopulation of the good bacterias; anti-fungal—to assist in killing off the excess candida yeast fungus; die-off support—to diminish the negative effects of the candida die off; and several other things to help my body strengthen and return to a balanced and thriving state. My diet will consist, as I said, of locally grown/raised, organic, clean, non-antibiotic, grass fed, free range chicken, eggs, beef, and veggies. Thank goodness for the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market!

I’ve done a lot of work on my heart, my mind, and my soul. Now it’s time to give some love and attention to my body.

I understand that there is no quick fix for candida overgrowth, that eradicating it is the work of a commitment to a radically different diet and life-style…for good. Some people will say there are pills you can take, others will say you only need to diet for 60 days. I plan to create a new life style for myself for the rest of my life. Hence my Farewell to Food Tour. Ms. Theresa recommends a candida diet for at least one year; I figure if I can go without chocolate, ice cream, and pizza for one year I won’t want to reintroduce those things into my diet again—why undo all the work I just did?

So, I’m about 6 days from diving in head first. Stay tuned and maybe, just maybe, if you’re sick of being sick and tired of being tired all. the. time. you might find something revolutionary among my stories. I won’t make any promises here about how often I’ll post but I will when I can and I’ll share all the info that I find useful to me.


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Bloom Anyway

Tonight my 3-year-old nieces and I had some quality art time together.  I was so thankful no only for the precious time spent with them, or for modeling creative outlets, but also for the time I got to tackle some art.

I have been gestating this piece for quite some time.  When it comes to visual art, I’m definitely a crock pot: gotta stew low and slow for ages before I ever pull out my pencils and paper.  Tonight was such a treat to sit down and birth this work.

Be resilient: Bloom anyway

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Not Dead Yet!

Hello wide world! I just thought I’d write you a quick post to let you know I’m still alive and kicking! I had a ridiculous hitch with my blog that has taken me FORever to figure out and resolve and tonight I am thrilled to announce that I fixed it and am ready to resume blogging.

So much has happened since…well…um that last post forever ago. But I’m dustin’ off the porch and can’t wait to have a proper sit-down with you over some cool lemonade and some fresh gluten-free goodies!

[see, I told you I had all sorts of news to share ;) ]

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